Support the Hobsons Bay Community Fund COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

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Make a donation to support Rapid Response Grants for local groups and organisations delivering critical work in our community during these tough times.

Support the Hobsons Bay Community Fund COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The Hobsons Bay Community Fund has established an emergency response fund to support critical organisations through this time.

We want to help our community through these tough times, and now you can too.



What is the Hobsons Bay Community Fund?

A community fund is about building the kind of future we want. It gives now and is a long-term investment to empower future generations. It is an inheritance to address issues that young people will face when we are not there to help them out. 

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Since 2006, HBCF has built up $990,000 and used the interest to provide grants to community organisations across Hobsons Bay. So far 100+ organisations have received grants over $250,000.

Additional donations increase the investment fund as well as the amount allocated each year to community organisations.

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The Community Fund operates as a sub fund of the Australian Communities Foundation, we are supported by Council, but are run by an independent incorporated board and supported by local businesses.

We’re locally owned and operated with no overhead costs meaning every dollar raised, goes into the fund. 

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Meet some of our recipients


Crashendo school music program

"In 2018 HBCF funded a school music program at Laverton college to engage students, it's had great success with teachers reporting improved attendance and energy levels.
There's a concert in December 2019... for more info go to

Walk to raise awareness of mental health and help kids

Walk to raise awareness of mental health

We funded this walk and the money will be shared by 3 schools to develop a well being space - it will be utilised as a retreat/well being area for children to go to in times of distress, anxiety, worry or just to have some time out to relax.

There will be bean bags, mindfulness books and poetry, lego and board games, greenery/plants, fish/turtle tank or guinea pig pen, music, arts and artwork/paintings.

Autistic sports network

Autistic sports club inclusion league

Andy didn't say 2 words in 12 weeks, then on graduation day, Andy raised his trophy and said, “Today is the best day ”. His longest ever sentence - everyone was silent...

Nikolina’s Story

"In 2016 Hobsons Bay Community Fund awarded me a grant to run a two day mental health workshop for young women."

North Altona Early Childhood Centre

The children of North Altona's Early Childhood Centre now have a brand new chicken coop, complete with chickens raised in an incubator housed inside their playroom.

Laverton Park Soccer Club

Disadvantaged migrants and refugees can play soccer after Laverton Park Soccer Club received a $3000 grant.

All 2020 events have been postponed in line with COVID-19 considerations. Click here to find out how you can support the important work being done by the Hobsons Bay Community Fund.