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We invite applications which address social disadvantage, promote general health and well being and/or strengthen communities in Hobsons Bay.

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Inclusion Project Partnership

In partnership with the University of Melbourne, we helped young people overcome barriers to participation in sports and recreation.  In doing so, we established an award winning community-based placement model for the University students in Social Work, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences’ (MDHS) Engagement Unit.

Since 2015, University as part of their placements, students have worked from a local business office space provided in-kind by a HBCF board member.  They worked with parents, sporting clubs, disability workers and other stakeholders to establish community approaches to the broader inclusion of young people in sport and recreation.

Students produced and promoted an inclusion guide that assists local community organisations to facilitate greater access to sport for all people. The inclusion guide offers the community a tangible resource to assist with the implementation of techniques to encourage inclusion throughout their various organisations and initiatives. Another outcome was HBCF gave awards to sporting clubs who promoted inclusive environments.

Recipient Stories

Grant recipient update

Some asylum seekers and refugees are so traumatised by authority in their homeland that they are too scared to even go to the bank, says Mark Brophy, who manages the Williamstown Community Education Centre. The centre is now able to run a financial literacy course...

Funding applications received

This year we received 31 applications requesting a total of $130,000. We funded $42,524 worth of grants, well done to those organisations making a difference in the community. We wish we could fund them all, but it’s just not possible. That's why we run events to...

Nikolina’s Story

In 2016 Hobsons Bay Community Fund awarded me a grant to run a two-day mental health workshop for young women, to teach and impart on them the knowledge to combat mental illness through psychological, physical and nutritional tools. Thanks to the money granted, in...

North Altona Early Childhood Centre

The children of North Altona's Early Childhood Centre now have a brand new chicken coop, complete with chickens raised in an incubator housed inside their playroom. The class enthusiastically follow the daily progress of the eggs life cycle, to baby chick, to...

Laverton Park Soccer Club

Disadvantaged migrants and refugees can play soccer after Laverton Park Soccer Club received a community grant. The Hobsons Bay Community Fund allocated $3000 to recruit young soccer players, particularly those from migrant and refugee backgrounds in the Laverton and...