A grant of $1,100 from the Hobsons Bay Community Fund has enabled ParKanDo to offer a range of activities via Zoom.

ParKanDo is a grassroots community group. It is run by volunteers and they provide peer support for people impacted by Parkinson’s disease, which is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement.

The HBCF Community Impact Grant funded ParKanDo’s purchase of a laptop computer and a license to use Zoom Pro. ParKanDo used these tools to create an online ‘safe haven’ through which it could engage, communicate, and connect with program participants.

Using the technology helped ParKanDo continue to overcome social isolation amongst people in our community dealing with Parkinson’s disease. It enabled ParKanDo to help people with their psychological and physical health issues during the periods of lockdown in 2020. Without the technology, people living in nursing homes within Hobsons Bay would have been unable to access the ParKanDo programs.

Fred is a participant in the ParKanDo programs and expressed his thanks for Zoom enabling the program to remain available during the periods of lockdown. “Many felt the Zoom meetings and other sessions were useful”, said Fred. “The seniors and people with disabilities felt they were getting support.”

And this change for the better, enabled by the small grant from the Hobsons Bay Community Fund, will have an ongoing positive impact. To ensure ParKanDo activities remain inclusive, they will now be offered simultaneously online via Zoom and face-to-face.