In 2016 Hobsons Bay Community Fund awarded me a grant to run a two-day mental health workshop for young women, to teach and impart on them the knowledge to combat mental illness through psychological, physical and nutritional tools.

Thanks to the money granted, in April of 2017 during National Youth Week, 12 young women attended the very first Spare Capacity Workshop at Newport Community Hub.
Those two days had an impact on those young women that I couldn’t have even imagined and one participant even wrote to me after the workshop, this is what she said:

“A really big thank you is in order as your workshop has significantly helped me with my own personal ongoing therapy and recovery with my depression and anxiety. The people I work with are very pleased to hear and see the changes I made alone in two days and are also grateful for your efforts in helping us young people.”


It was amazing to see that what I had envisioned creating so many years ago was now being recognised as possible. Because when I applied for the grant back in 2016, I was just Nikolina Mabic with a panic disorder and only shortly afterwards I became Hobsons Bay Young Citizen of the Year for 2017, for my work in youth mental health.

The grant was the stepping stone that allowed me to realise my potential and in 2018, I was awarded and won the Community Service and Social Impact Award at the Victorian Young Achiever Awards.

The Hobsons Bay Community funds support gave purpose to my story. That my journey with a meant illness lead to something more and hopefully lead to the development in the way we prevent and treat mental illness. Charitable giving made it possible for me to create my vision, so I hope anyone considering giving to the Hobsons Bay Community Fund see their investment into the community as a rich one, because my story is just one story.