We are pleased to announce the Community Impact & Rapid Response Grant Recipients for 2020

  • $750 grant to Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed & Garden Group
    Equipment to improve vegetable production for distribution to members. 
  • $2,500 grant to Williamstown Cricket Club
    Established of an All Abilities Division 2 Team. 
  • $2,500 grant to Long Space Gallery
    1000 Works in the Windows – Community Window Gallery.
  • $2,800 grant to Newport Community Choir
    Production of a video to enable social connection via virtual setting.
  • $1,500 grant to Laverton Community Children’s Centre
    Delivery of Indigenous cultural incursions.
  • $4,200 grant to Leading Note Music Education Inc
    Funding for disadvantaged students to participate in the Elgars Orchestra Project.
  • $2,400 grant to Hobsons Bay Toy Library 
    Funding of members for marginalised communities and purchase of new toys.
  • $1,500 grant to Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre
    Funding to seek Donor Gift Recipient (DGR) status to support future fundraising efforts.
  • $1.290 grant to Williamstown Sailing Club Inc
    Purchase of a junior rescue boat.
  • $1,500 grant to Willy Wellness Collective 
    Support for the delivery of the Willy Wellness Festival.
  • $2,000 grant to Williamstown Swimming and Life Saving Club
    Provide mental health first aid training to members and local community.
  • $1,500 grant to West Melbourne Marathi
    Support for virtual delivery of Ganpati Hindu festival. 
  • $1,500 grant to Altona Life Saving Club
    Purchase of racing Mai Boards to encourage higher levels of female youth participation in surf sports. 
  • $2,500 grant to Enterprize Ship Trust
    Living history program to provide local history lessons and sailing to young people. 


  • $900 grant to Altona Meadows Community Centre 
    Purchase of lockable cupboard and dry food supply for emergency relief food bank.
  • $530 grant to Williamstown Seagulls FIDA Football Club Inc
    Funding to develop a series of online strategies designed to keep players engaged with the Club during COVID-19.
  • $1,100 grant to ParkCanDo
    Purchase of equipment to support members to connect into programs online.
  • $1,000 grant to Vietnamese Association in Hobsons Bay
    Purchase of digital devices to keep members connected during COVID-19.
  • $500 grant to 4th Williamstown Sea Scouts
    Contribution towards one off levey introduced in response to COVID-19.
  • $1,333 grant to West Welcome Wagon
    Purchase of digital equipment to support English language classes for remote learning during COVID-19.
  • $500 grant to Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club
    Purchase of equipment to provide protection for members during COVID-19. 
  • $500 grant to Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Association Inc
    Purchase of equipment required to enhance protective measures for members during COVID-19.

Community Impact Grant Recipients 2019

  • $3,000 Williamstown Cricket Club
    Entering an all abilities team into a structured competition.
  • $2,500 TreeHause Williamstown
    Contribution to the Walk a Mile in my Shoes event held to raise awareness of mental health.
  • $5,000 Laverton Community Children’s Centre
    Upgrade of outdoor area for better accessibility for special needs children. 
  • $1,500 Multiple Sclerosis Limited
    Replacement of bedding at MS Shared Supported Accommodation in Williamstown, 
  • $3,750 South Kingsville Community Centre
    Provision of free holiday programs to local disadvantaged cohorts.
  • $1,100 The Equality Project
    To assist with disabled access and volunteering for a 2 day event.
  • $1,266 U3A Hobsons Bay
    Improved access for elderly at U3A venue ‘The Cottage’
  • $1,000 Carers Link Men’s Group
    Family Day for Carers Link Men’s Group 
  • $1,000 Robina Scott Kindergarten
    Development of an inclusive intergenerational community space. 
  • $1,000 Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed
    Construction of a heritage and indigenous herb garden to raise awareness of cooking and medicinal uses.
  • $3,420 Altona Community Gardens
    Food waste/composting workshops to improve awareness of composting and use of compost. 
  • $2,500 Spotswood Kingsville RSL
    Strategic Planning facilitation with aim of increasing community use of RSL facilities.
  • $1,000 Williamstown CYMS Cricket Club
    To help fund cricket days for girls aged 7 – 15 years. 
  • $2,500 Ship4Good
    Funding zero waste operating galley to be used for weekly demonstrations to raise awareness with local businesses and community.
  • $3,000 Helping Hand Cafe
    Replacement of old kitchen equipment. 
  • $3,000 Bubbling Up!
    Part funding of three ‘Experts Explain’ workshops for parents of teens
  • $2,000 Newport Bowls Club
    Funding to assist completion of a disabled toilet at Newport Bowls Club.
  • $2,000 Outside the Box
    Funding for a half day dyslexia awareness raising education event for principals and school staff in the west.  

” We are entirely grateful for the contribution made towards our Club by the Hobson’s Bay Community Fund and the ability to maintain our facilities to the highest standard, which is a reward to our players. We are very fortunate, in our first year of entering an All Abilities Division 1 team that we were able to win a Premiership!’ – The Williamstown Cricket Club received funding to purchase much needed equipment and establish an All Abilities team.

Cameron Smith - Vice President

Williamstown Cricket Club

” It feels a lot safer with new paving compared to the rough ground I had to get across before this work was done. It’s great that we got the funding to do the work. Tell HBCF thank you from me!’ – The U3A Hobsons Bay received funding to improve access to The Cottage for its elderly members.

Shirley Shaw

U3A Hobsons Bay Williamstown

” Without the funds to kick start this project, we would possibly not have been able to open for the summer season. The grant was the push that got the ball rolling!’ – Ship4Good received funding towards the development of a zero waste operating galley on the MV Steve Irwin to demonstrate and raise awareness of sustainable practices within the community. 

Kerrie Goodall

Founder - Ship4Good

” The Walk a Mile in my Shoes event was bigger and better than ever with over 1,000 people attending on 13 October! The event helps to raise awareness for mental health to reduce stigma and accept diversity’ – The TreeHaus organisation received a grant from the HBCF to deliver the event. 

Justine Brogna

TreeHaus Williamstown - Walk a Mile in my Shoes Event

” So much valuable information to be shared and learned. The presenters created wonderful spaces to learn and challenge people’s perceptions’ – The Equality Project received a HBCF grant towards their ‘Better Together 2020’ event to support the LGBTIQA+ community. 


'Better Together 2020' Conference

Community Impact Grant Recipients 2018

  • $5,000 Williamstown Community and Education Centre Extra Curricula Initiative
    To facilitate non vocational training to local disadvantaged cohorts – gardening, healthy cooking, craft and social media
  • $1,450 Gellibrand Support Services Selling Jams & Jellies at the Altona Beach market
    To provide an opportunity for adults with disabilities to be involved in their local community and learn business skills whilst making and selling of james and jellies at their local market
  • $4,000 Gateway Community Services Pop-Up Social Café
    To purchase mobile coffee trailer to be used as a free service to help breakdown social isolation barriers, will use this in areas of higher levels of social disengagement
  • $1,500 Australian Islamic Centre Women’s Fitness Group 
    To puchase fitness equipment for Womens group to help overcome barriers facing Muslim women in keeping fit
  • $5,000 Laverton Community Integrated Services Crisis Response for Family and Domestic Violence 
    To educate existing volunteers to deal with this issue and create a go-bag containing essential goods for the first 72hrs out of home.
  • $2,742 Vietnamese Association of Hobsons Bay
    Maintain a mindful life with tending a bonsai tree – Fund workshops for mindfulness, bonsai instruction and tea ceremony
  • $3,000 West Welcome Wagon Providing Basic Storage for Asylum Seeker Families
    To purchase chests of drawers and wardrobes for asylum seeking households
  • $2,480 Brain Nation Hub Leadership and Public Speaking Workshop/Work Ready Single Day Intensive 
    Provide two workshops to 30 attendees to address issues affecting youth disengagement.
  • $2,500 La PasseggARTa Visual Arts Together
    Provision of participatory social engagement arts project currently supporting 12 participants
  • $3,840 Sports Network for Autistic People and Parents Spectrum Sports Program
    Developing training programs specific to requirements of ASD kids that act as bridging programs into various club level training clinics – FFV, AFL, Little Aths, CA. Lowering barriers to mainstream sport.
  • $849 Emma McLean Kindergarten Health and Fitness Program
    Buy equipment for Health and Fitness Program as part of Outdoor Curriculum.

Total: $32,361