The 2019 grants round is closed, the winners are…

Helping Hand Cafe – Replacing old stove pot and pan

Williamstown Cricket Club – Entering all abilities team to a structured competition

Treehaus – Contribution to ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes’ event that raises awareness of mental health

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Ltd – Replacing bed linen at MS Shared Supported Accommodation in Power Street, Williamstown

South Kingsville Community Centre – Provide free holiday programs to local disadvantaged groups

The Equality Project – Assist people with disabilities to access and volunteer at Better Together 2020, a 2 day event in Willy

U3A Hobsons Bay – Improvements and safer access for the elderly to ‘The Cottage’

Bloom Sports – Implement a pilot program for children with autism to access a supported community soccer group

Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed – Construct a heritage and indigenous herb garden to raise awareness of cooking and medicinal uses

Spotswood Kingsville RSL – Strategic planning facilitation with aim of increased community use of RSL facilities

Outside the Box – fund a half day dyslexia awareness education event for principals and school staff in the West

There are more successful grants but people haven’t returned their paperwork to us, please check your mailboxes if you applied and haven’t heard from us.

This year we received 31 applications requested a total of $130,000. We wish we could fund all of them, but it’s not possible.



Applying for a Grant

Our 2019 grants round has closed. But other websites advise of grants open all year round check their sites easygrants and grant guru here. 

There is also external funding available from the west gate tunnel project.

Check HB Council’s website for grants – there’s a variety of categories 

2019 HBCF Community Impact Grants                          

We invite applications that contribute to making our local communities fair, inclusive and vibrant:

Fair           Access to food and housing security

                  Equal opportunities for youth in education and


                  Emergency Aid

Inclusive  Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups

                  New Australians and refugees/asylum seekers

                  People with a disability

                  Socially marginalised groups

Vibrant    Mental Health and Wellbeing

                  Positive aging

                  A sustainable environment           

We will provide grants between $500 and $5000 that:

  • Help address underlying causes rather than symptoms
  • Respond to community problems in Hobsons Bay in a creative and innovative way
  • Increase partnerships and cooperation and not duplicate services
  • Expand access and opportunities for people from disadvantaged and under-served communities
  • Provide support to smaller / grassroots groups, those not incorporated or striving to get their message out        

We will not fund the following:

  • programs outside of the Hobsons Bay
  • programs with more appropriate alternative funding sources
  • ongoing admin costs and salaries
  • general fundraising campaigns or annual appeals
  • funds for investment or debt servicing
  • individuals or
  • retrospective funding (for programs or services that have already happened)

If you are unsure of your eligibility for a grant, please contact us to ask

If you receive a grant from HBCF

An authorised representative from your group will need to complete this HBCF ACF EFT Authorisation Form and return it to HBCF, so you can get paid. 

HBCF then provide this information to the Australian Community Foundation (ACF), as they handle HBCF finances. 

ACF will send approved recipients a letter of offer and once returned, they pay the grant.  

The letter of offer also details acquittal arrangements (what you have to tell us about how you spent the money).  This is done online by the following link:

Download our full logo for your promotion here

Download our abbreviated logo for your promotion here

You can only use these logos with our permission


If you would like ideas about the type of programs we fund, please see our previous grant recipients or some more in-depth stories about who we help

Applications conclude mid-year and grants are usually awarded in the last quarter

We look forward to hearing about the important work you do in Hobsons Bay.