HBCF funded this wonderful service to train and upskill some of their volunteers, to create emergency go-bags and to make discretionary purchases for those families in need of relocating due to Domestic Violence.

We received this update from them recently…

‘We sent the volunteer coordinator to an accidental counsellor training session which was exceptionally well received and has allowed her to better support the volunteers than we expected. We’ve found that many of our volunteers have difficult conversation with Emergency Relief clients (even before they refer them to the Crisis intervention staff). So it is helpful for them to de-brief and have caring and trained staff available to do this. Our volunteers have reported, ‘I feel more supported than ever in my role with LCIS’ ‘Sophie (Volunteer Coordinator) has made time to check in with me to make sure I’m not burdened by my emergency relief duties’.

Over the Christmas New Year break LCIS continued to operate their normal emergency relief hours. As one of the only agencies in Hobsons Bay that do this, we had an increase in traffic for a range of reasons. We were able to provide several ‘go bags’ to women and children in desperate situations, allowing them the freedom to execute their relocation plans.  The go bags contain hair and skin care products, soap, deodorant, personal hygiene products, face washer, wipes,  socks, knickers, dental hygiene products, sun cream, basic first aid supplies, non-perishable snacks (muesli bars/protein balls etc.) Then we provide Kmart vouchers to support the extra needs like clothes and pyjamas. Children’s bag are also available containing similar products but also include colouring in supplies, games and fun snacks.